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In both challenging and favorable economic conditions, organizations strive to be smart, nimble, creative and forward thinking. PKF Hadiwinata provides deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience to assist clients in addressing business issues that goes beyond providing traditional audit services.

Our audit is designed to give our clients:

  • Fresh perspectives on opportunities to help enhance continuous improvement in financial processes, controls, risk management and corporate governance frameworks
  • A clear and consistent focus on key issues across all worldwide and local operations
  • No-surprises reporting which meets clients’ deadlines.
  • A year-round, hands-on approach that aims to anticipate issues and provides practical support in resolving them on a timely basis, and making sure every engagement is strongly partner and director led.
  • A strong relationship. Our  involvement  with  you  is  not  limited  to  when  we  will  be  doing the  work.  We  will  be  in  regular  contact  throughout  the  years  to  keep  you  up  to  date  on current  issues  and   recent developments.
  • A high quality management  letter,  which  will  focus  on providing constructive  recommendation  on  matters  identified  from  the  audit,  which  are valuable  to  the  improvement  and  efficiency  of  the  client.
  • Assigned team backed by the latest knowledge and technology.

The services that PKF Hadiwinata provide includes:

Financial statements audit

  • Statutory audit
  • Regulatory compliance & reporting
  • IFRS reporting

Other assurance services

  • Limited review on financial statements
  • Audit upon procedures 

Capital market services

  • Reporting on financial track records in prospectus
  • Reporting on pro forma, forecast and projections
  • Comfort letters on prospectus disclosures with respect to IPO, bonds issuance and rights issue